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Massey Estate Sales is your premier estate liquidator in the Bloomington-Normal area. Located on Hershey Rd near the corner of E Washington St, with over 35 years of personal experience in the local auction market, we conduct professional valuations and sales.


Our team sells homes and helps families liquidate any and all of their assets around McLean County, Illinois. Here's how we help families prepare for the next chapter of their lives:


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Antique Auctions around Blo/No

There are constantly antique auctions, estate sales, and liquidations around Bloomington, Illinois year-round. If you're looking to keep up with sales in the area, we recommend the following websites:



What's a Tag Sale?

Tag sales are another common phrase for estate sales. They are much more extensive than a regular garage or yard sale. Many people have yard sales during their annual spring cleaning, but a tag sale is for homeowners and families that need to liquidate (get rid of) all the belongings in someone's estate. Sometimes the sale is conducted at the estate property itself, and other times they are held at an auction house. It just depends on the seller's preference.


What to Look For at Estate Sales & Auctions:

Tag sales are great for people on every side of the sale – for the selling family it is one of the fastest ways to get rid of unwanted belongings, and for buyers, there are many benefits.


There are often sizable collections of items like clothing, electronics, and housewares, and occasionally there are more rare collections like coins, jewelry, novelties, and various antique items – all for fair prices. At a tag sale, there is a possibility to negotiate the price of items, while auctions totally depend on the public's interest in a particular type of item.



Massey Estate Sales holds the following types of events in central Illinois:

Tag sales in Bloomington-Normal • Estate sales in Bloomington-Normal • Estate auctions in Bloomington-Normal

Coin auctions in Bloomington-Normal • Antique auctions in Bloomington-Normal • Estate Liquidation in Bloomington-Normal


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